NASA recorded the asteroid that threatens Earth

Dual Asteroids

Astronomers at NASA have now determined the asteroids circle each other roughly once every 20 to 24 hours.

YE5 which approached Earth on June 21, will come closer to Earth again in the next 170 years coming within 3.7 million miles of humanity's homeworld, explained NASA.

NASA made the asteroid "the most rare and unique minor planet in the Solar system, equilibrium of binary neas, whose halves are approximately equal to each other".

Observations revealed two different lobes, but the orientation of the asteroid was such that the scientist could not see whether the two bodies were different or were involved or not. Eventually, the rotation of the binary system exposed a gap between the duo, confirming that they are indeed two separate asteroids. This gave the opportunity to study it with radar at Goldstone and 305-metre dish of the radio telescope, "Arecibo", Puerto Rico.It turned out that the asteroid is bigger than previously thought.

On June 24, scientists worked with researchers at the Global Band Observatory (RDO) in West Virginia, USA, and two simultaneous surveys were used simultaneously with two-station static radar (the ARCB radar Signal transmission and the Green Bank signal).

YE5 is the fourth ever binary near-Earth asteroid observed where the two separate bodies do not touch. Both Goldstone and Arecibo had independently confirmed the asteroid's binary nature by June 26. Analysis of the combined radar and optical observations may allow scientists to estimate the densities of the 2017 YE5 objects, which will improve understanding of their composition and internal structure, and of how they formed. The confirmed sizes are larger than initial brightness observations speculated indicating the objects are not reflective and could, therefore, be as dark as charcoal. This may indicate that the binary asteroid was actually originally two separate objects that were drawn into a mutual orbit when in close proximity.

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An asteroid first discovered in December of past year has now been revealed to be a unique system featuring two objects locked in a dance around their own binary orbit.

Artist's concept of what binary asteroid 2017 YE5 might look like. Equal-mass binaries like 2017 YE5 are much rarer. The two bodies are almost equal in mass and not touching each other.

Most double asteroid is uneven, with one half overshadows another.

Anne Virkki, Flaviane Venditti and Sean Marshall of the Arecibo Observatory and the University of Central Florida led the observations using the Arecibo Observatory.

The Arecibo, Goldstone and USRA planetary radar projects are funded through NASA's Near-Earth Object Observations Program (, within the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO), which manages the Agency's Planetary Defense Program.

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