Corrs musician backs abortion referendum No vote

Irish Students Offered Grants to Fly Home and Vote 'Yes' to Abortion

Buckley was one of several bishops to issue statements last weekend, the last before the Friday referendum.

As a result some women resort to risky methods.

"I'm voting yes because I'm pro-choice". Disappointingly, I'd hoped Ireland repealing this Amendment would mean it was joining a more enlightened safer world.

The Eighth Amendment was added to the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland in 1983.

‪Abortion is already a reality in Ireland.

Not only does all this encourage illegal and unsafe practices, but with no medical professional involved there will be no objective gestational age dating, no guarantee that women read and follow the instructions with the pills, no objective screening for medical and psychological contraindications (more common than for surgical abortion), no medical follow-up with scans or visit, no access to emergency services. They are doing so without medical supervision, under fear of 14 years in jail.

By doing so on May 25th, we can create our own laws and ensure Irish women are looked after safely in their own country, no matter their circumstance. So a goal for abortion activists is to increase the 'abortion workforce' by encouraging and training, more doctors in abortion provision and by enabling nurses and midwives to become more involved in abortions. We've heard of people booking flights from as far away as LA and Dubai.

It was a Thursday and we went home and we told family and friends that she had died and everyone came around and we all had pizza and it was nearly like a wake, everyone came to be around us.

Women who have regretted having an abortion and parents of children with disabilities have also shared their experiences and their concerns while calling for a "no" vote. "No family should have to undergo what we have to go through.I strongly feel that the young daughters of Ireland should not have the same fate of Savita", Savita's father said in a video message.

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Regardless of your stance on the Eight Amendment, it's encouraging to see a wave of Irish people exerting their democratic right to vote and shape the future of Ireland.

Thousands of Irish emigrants have begun their journey home to vote on Friday's referendum on the Eighth Amendment. The word "nborn" has no clear legal definition, or that the amendment contains no mechanism for adjudicating in situations where the rights of mother and "unborn" came into conflict.

There has been much confusion and misinformation leading up to this Referendum and it is vital that people are aware of the facts: The Amendment prevents elective abortions and does not prevent doctors from providing any necessary medical care to the mother during pregnancy, should the need arise. The Catholic church has strongly opposed repealing the amendment and Irish bishops warned in a joint statement: "We believe that the deletion or amendment of this article can have no other effect than to expose unborn children to greater risk and that it would not bring about any benefit for the life or health of women in Ireland".

"It is remarkable that the State, which, under the Wildlife Act, has so many legal protections for non-human life, is trying to remove the most basic right of the child in the womb", said Bishop John Buckley of Cork and Ross in a May 19 statement.

"Human rights extend to everybody, not just the strong", he says.

In February 1984, less than six months after the passage of the 8th amendment to the constitution, a teenage girl named Ann Lovett, died while giving birth alone, in a grotto to St. Mary, in the Irish midlands.

One woman who flew to the Netherlands for an abortion she could not get at home says she is voting "yes" to support others in a similar predicament. I wonder how many young people may live to regret their vote.

"I think the minister is right when he says that the constitution has "no place" in this".

But for an estimated 40,000 Irish citizens living overseas, voting isn't that easy.

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